The top of technological innovation

Siana-Technologies הינה חברה אשר הוקמה ע"י יזמים ישראלים וסינים. החברה ממוקמת בשנזן-סין ומנוהלת ע"י מיטב אנשים בעלי ניסיון רב הן בשיטחי ההנדסה השונים והן בניהול שוטף ביצור.
המפעל מונה כ-500 עובדים אנשי יצור, מהנדסים, מנהלים, אנשי הבטחת איכות ומינהלה וכן גרעין ניהולי בכיר.

החברה, אשר נוסדה בשנת 2010, הינה חברה יצרנית אשר עוסקת בטכנולוגיות יצור מגוונות.


Placement lines for assembling SMT components for PCB electronic cards. X-ray tests and rapid test facilities for circuits.


Aluminum extrusions and castings - die casting, production of molds and injection of plastic parts.


Complementary technological processes for metal processing, chip processing and tin plating, 3D printing, types of painting and various finishes.


General integration and assembly of Turn Key project products, including assemblies in clean rooms. Packaging and delivery to destination.

The company aims to provide high-tech solutions that include: planning, production, assembly and delivery of Turn Key Solution products from anywhere in the world. The process can start from the concept phase and from there on to the engineering phase. The engineering development process is carried out in Israel and accompanies the entrepreneur until the prototype approval stage.

On the other hand, if the product is ready to be made in small batches or mass-produced, a detailed production portfolio will be built with the help of which they will be made in China.
At the end of the production and assembly process, the customer receives a finished product for delivery to any required place on the globe.